Profielfoto 1I am a historian of science and information scientist interested in natural history, book history, the acquisition, processing, organisation, and interpretation of information, the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and the formation of fields of knowledge in particular in and of the early modern period.

My current research explores the impact of the information explosion of the sixteenth century within the field of zoology, more specifically the organisation and presentation of zoological information (by means of classification, description and depiction of species, and the physical organisation and layout of texts and books), as well as the exchange and collective interpretation of information. As a case study, my research takes the (at that point in time) most rapidly growing field of ​​knowledge within zoology: ichthyology, with Conrad Gessner’s (1516-1565) Historia piscium (1558) as point of departure.

On this website I gather the anecdotes about early modern ichthyology and the many exquisite books about aquatic animals which I encounter in the course of my research.

In addition, this website offers an overview of my publications and editorial projects, research, conferences, and teaching.


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Contact me on: sophiahendrikx@gmail.com