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My research concentrates on development of ichthyology as a scientific discipline in the 16th-century. Within a broad corpus of primary sources, including well-known authors such as Pierre Belon, Hippolito Salviani, and Guillaume Rondelet, as well as lesser-known authors such as Gregor Mangolt and Johann Kentmann, I take Conrad Gessner’s Historia piscium (1558) as my point of focus. In addition, other discussions of fish, primarily in scholarly works, but also for example emblem books, poetry, calendars, and cookery books are taken into account.

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I am currently coordinating and teaching the honours course: Things to do with Texts. The Exploration of Nature (1550-1850) through word and image at the Leiden University Humanities Lab.

In 2016 I coordinated and taught the honours course: Things to Do With Texts: Capturing Nature in Word and Image  at the Leiden University Humanities Lab.

In 2016 I have co-taught the course: Natural History in Word and Image (800-1600) within the Medieval and Early Modern Studies research master programme at Leiden University.

I gave an annual History of Biological Illustrations Workshop for Amsterdam University College BA/BSc students at the Artis Library in Amsterdam in 2012, 2013, and 2014.




Conrad Gessner’s Historia piscium (1558), more information: Rare Fish Books