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Fish and Fiction exhibition at the Leiden University Library

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On September 20 2018 the exhibition Fish and Fiction, highlighting fish in books, science and culture from 1500 to 1900, will open at the Leiden University Library (Leiden, the Netherlands). This exhibition is a collaboration between the Leiden University Library and the LUCAS project A New History of Fishes. A long-term approach to fishes in science and culture, 1550-1880 and will be on view until January 13 2019.


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Opening programme (in Dutch): 

15.30-16.00 uur: Inloop

16.00-16.10 uur: Welkom door André Bouwman, hoofdconservator Bijzondere Collecties

16.10-16.30 uur: ‘Onverwacht mooie taferelen in de Leidse stadsgrachten’
Presentatie door Aaf Verkade, Leidse stadsduiker – adviseur stadsgrachten

16.30-16.50 uur: ‘Een draak van een vis’
Presentatie door Sophia Hendrikx, promovendus Universiteit Leiden

16.50-17.10 uur: ‘Vis in context’
Introductie op de tentoonstelling door Paul Smith, hoogleraar Franse Literatuur Universiteit Leiden

17.10-18.30 uur: Borrel en bezichtiging van de tentoonstelling

Registration: aanmelding@library.leidenuniv.nl


LUCAS 2019 Graduate Conference – Animals: Theory, Practice, Representation

On April 4th and 5th, 2019, Leiden University Centre for Arts in Society (LUCAS) will be hosting a conference called Animals: Theory, Practice, and Representation. This graduate conference is an international and interdisciplinary platform where PhD and master students can present, exchange, and discuss research results and innovative theoretical insights with participants from diverse backgrounds.

This conference aims to rethink the relationships between humans and animals, in order to examine the ways in which these relationships are defined.

The field of human-animal studies has become a lively domain where diverse disciplines examine the divergences and convergences between humans and animals, their evolutions, demarcations, and entanglements. Not only do we conceptualize, historicize, and embody animals in our lives, but also produce, preserve, and consume them, pushing some to the verge of extinction and creating others through genetic modification. The fact that animals play a significant part in most aspects of our lives, thus invites us to reflect on our relationships with them.

By drawing attention to such concerns, we would like to invite participants from a wide spectrum of disciplines to contribute to this intriguing field of inquiry.

Keynote speakers:   Dr. Tobias Linné and Prof. dr. Robert Felfe

Call for papers